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Oh man the memories here, right now im in Afghanistan and our gym really doesn't have many people doofing around they all research their material or someone shows them how to correct things and since we mostly know eachother the mannerisms are good but my old gyms oh man....

1. Theres this guy who would come in and I kid you not stand on the squat rack and hold it practicing some kind of chuck norris move circle kick up in the air. Once he finished his kicks or felt adequatly badass (these people have to be delusional) he moves on to the bench press and puts like 225 on it and he lifts it maybe twice and i swear you could put 2 feet between the bench and his back hes so arched. After that set he always put like 3 or 4 plates on the bench press then sat there like he was gonna lift it for around 20 minutes then moved on. He never unracked the weight, a symbol to us of how awesome he was because I would guess he thinks if he sat there long enough we would just miss his massive set. Yea right.

2. People who use machines on light weight and talk on cell phones while they do it. If you are having a phone conversation while weight lifting you are A. not lifting enough weight, even if your going for higher reps. B. Socially insecure C. Retarded (all of the above) -- Oh and PS -- Your cell phone made you cool 15 years ago we all have one now!

3. Teenagers/Kids in the gym. Now I support high schoolers in lifting but sometimes you gotta draw the line. One kid in particular in my old gym, good kid really no one minded him... UNTIL his friends came in off the basketball court. Everyday nearly it seemed like someone (usually me) had to tell them to calm down or leave the gym they would be throwing the swiss ball at eachother and all sorts of crap. One time I saw one of his friends on the running track (goes around the top of the gym) drop a medicine ball on the kids stomach in the middle of dumb bell bench press movements. I took him to the attendents at the desk and they didn't even take his membership for a day.

4. Alcohol - if you smell like alcohol im gonna ask you to leave the gym, thats uncalled for and definitly pisses me off.

5. Meat shop - We all have seen them and im sure most of us detest them -- The window shoppers. Mostly the younger crowd its people who don't come to the gym to workout, I think they come to the gym mostly because they aren't old enough to go anywhere that sells alcohol. They are the people who come in and just mess around maybe taking the bench for a 1 set 1 rep lift when some girl or some guy is watching or take the curl bar (their favorite) and do the same and just in general look like asses. Their most hideous move? Taking their shirt off in the gym and laying on the bench. The source of this crap? Usually the basketball court.

Man luckily we have the squat rack.

6. I left the best for last -- we had this guy in my old gym that used to talk to himself while working out. He was like his own personal workout partner like pat from saturday night live talking in the mirror lol. This guy would be busting out curls saying things like "good job man you got it" to himself in the mirror. Once bluetooths came out for cellphones this guy got one and kept it in his ear while he worked out so it looked like he wasn't talking to himself lol. The great thing about that is he was normal enough to realize how insane he must look talking to himself!
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