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Default Some female advice is needed

Hey girls I was just wondering if you could help me?
My girl's put on a bit of weight over the past year or so (about 20+ lbs so she's now around 140 lbs) and she keeps trying all these different "diets" but as everyone knows they never work so she gets really depressed so I tried to give her a little help by writing up a meal plan for her.But to say she was a little dubious would be an under statement.
One of the problems is that she works 9-5 everyday with only a 15 min break at 11 o'clock then a half hour at lunchtime and then thats her 'til 5 o'clock.Even then, she car shares so she can't exactly have something to eat when the people she shares with are raring to get home so its about 5:45 before she has a chance to eat.Then she's gotta fit in the gym after that and I've always thought that if your trying lose a little weight then not eating before the gym is best.
Could any of ya'll maybe give me an insight into a good female diet bearing in mind she's not a total gym rat and is just trying to shift a little weight and that she's got pretty crappy breaks at her job.

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