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Great response Venom!

I actually read the ABC article, and as usual, it is quality stuff. You'll be happy to know it popped up relatively early in my search on google for EPOC. [img]/forum/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

I do really like the idea of splitting HIIT and low intensity cardio in the same session. Its the best of both worlds, and ideal if you have the time and its fits into your recovery. I also liked how you point out that bodybuilders get plenty of EPOC from their weight training workouts alone. They don't necessarily follow excessively short rest periods, but they are certainly intense enough to create that "after burn".

The thing really got me leaning towards EPOC and HIIT were the more recent studies that pointed to the length of time EPOC is a factor, particularly the one I highlighted at the end, Schuenke in 2002. If EPOC can last up to 38 hours, then the Laforgia study was short-sighted, and possibly missed a much larger overall caloric effect. Also, consider the cumulative effect. With sessions intense enough to generate that length of EPOC, it will be raised to an even more significant level by overlapping sessions. I think its this cumulative effect that holds the real "blast furnace" metabolic effect.
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