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Workout 13 - hypertrophy chest/triceps

My knees seem to be acting up, I don't know why. I decided to cut the second leg day this week, because I don't have a day free for it anyway. So instead, I did chest/triceps today, and will do back/shoulders/biceps tomorrow, and perhaps some abs.

Incline DB press
37.5 kgs, 6 reps
32.5 kgs, 8 reps
27.5 kgs, 9 reps

Flat DB press
30, 25 and 20 kgs, 10-7 reps

Incline BB press
60 kgs, 10-8 reps

Cable bar pressdowns
45, dropset
40, dropset
30, rest-pause

Rope pressdowns, r-p

Skull crushers
ss: close grip bench press

No cardio - knee hurt
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