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It's called HEAVY A*S SETS! I am pretty sure a lot of the people who train heavy got the same feeling, hence why people use techniques to psyche up. Some people are just "few dogs short of a full kennel" and don't have a problem with these type of things.

You really think ronnie isn't thinking "how the heck am i going to deadlift all of this 800lb" but he blocks it out and starts yelling things out to forget about the negative and just focus on lifting.

I get it, I always get it, I get tense before I even walk in to the gym, but you just gotta block it and do your thing.

I think the week or two is sufficient rest from heavy weight when you get to deload or cruise so to speak. Just enough to make you hungry again for lifting heavy.

Personally if I stop lifting heavy for any longer it's hard for me to motivate my self to go back to heavy.
Stick to the basics.
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