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Yes, Layne is incredibly strong. But using weight as a determinant for how much someone should lift can be flawed.

Strength and performance gains in general are asymptotic. So it is not always valid—particularly in very elite performances such as the example you gave off benching 280 pound dumbbells—to say that someone is “relatively” as strong as someone else, in relation to bodyweight. No matter how much someone weighs, they will only be able to lift so much weight. So benching 280 dumbbells, for instance, is not likely to happen for pretty much anyone, no matter how much they weigh.

The other factor is that strength is task specific. Bodybuilders practice many tasks to increase their size. But those tasks - such as dumbbell flys - generaly will contribute little to other skills - such as dumbbell bench. So in general bodybuilders muscularity is not completely proportional to their strength in given lift. I would read this article for the mechanisms behind strength and hypertrophy ,

And I'll definitely take a look at your forums, Layne!
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