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There are a couple people in my gym who you know are going to hog a machine for a long time if you dont beat them to it. I understand it takes a while to get the sets in; but these people won't let you work in while they rest and just sit there for like 5 minutes in between sets (and they are not going that heavy so i dont quite understand the long ri between sets). Whats even worse is when they have there buddy with them or start talking to other people, then its like they have set up home at one workstation which can last my entire workout. When ever these people are in the gym, I will quickly alter my routine and go to the machines that there are only one of (the lat pull down, leg press, and a couple others) other wise I am screwed as I sometimes had to wait for like 20 or 30 minutes for my final exercise after I have otherwise completed my workout.

I have always pulled off my 45's after the leg press, but usually left one 45 on; but think i will pull the last one off as well after reading some of the comments in here. Never thought of somebody doing leg press with less than a 45 on each side; but anyone not being able to do one 45 on each side would not be able to pull off this weight so I think i will pull them all off just to be sure as there are a lot of women in my gym. There are times when an in shape person is waiting for the machine; in this case I usually ask if he wants me keep all the weight as I know if it was me I would not want to have the machine stripped of all weights where I have to reload.
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