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I personally need that energy that is created when I yell something out, something like "UP" or "C'MON" something, it's a hard explanation, but it feels like I can lift anything, without that sort of psyche up I don't tend to hit my target.

Anyways, I am not the type who does it for attention, I have found out the times that my gym is pretty much empty and go in to lift then. Because I hate the attention people give you if they hear you psyching up. So I go when it's dead. This gives me the opportunity to do my own thing without disturbing anyone or get disturbed by someone giving me the eye cause I need to get ready mentally.

I try to block everything out of my head, even how much weight I am about to move, simply because anything will distract me and I cannot afford that.

Good to see some other techniques of getting psyched up, maybe some of these will help me too!
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