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the girl im with had a kid two years ago, and finally has the motivation to burn off that baby weight and get back to the fit way she use to be. im trying to help and be as supportive as i can, but i have educated myself specifically for me and my body. i need to know as much as i can to help her train effectively. my questions are, what lifting should i have her focus on? i know i should have her build a little mass/tone up on days she is not doing cardio (or 6 hours apart or so) but i would like to know what i should recommend? full body/core exercises? or should i start her on a muscle group specific per day type routine? or just an upper body day lower body day type deal? also is only 4 days of cardio a week enough? i assumed its about intput vs output for the most part, meaning she would have to do cardio almost every day to be burning fat consistantly and not burning it 4 days a week and adding 3 days a week.... thanks in advance for any advice....
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