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Default Re: Muscle Memory?

I think like most things its 'relative'

By that I mean relative to the individual (history of training, genetics etc), and relative to their overall gains in their program.

For example, if an individual has a long training history and are 50 years old they can probably outdo most 25-30 year olds in the world in most training weight training conditions. This is why 'being old' or aging is not just a chronological issue but also a 'biological issue.'

The second relative factor (to their overall gains) concerns a percentage gain relative to the normal gains they would normally get.

For example, just because someone is 50 and may not get the gains they recieved when they were 25, does not mean that they should not use a proper periodized training program. It just means the program may not be as effective 'absolutely' in terms of muscle mass and strength gains. But, from a relative standpoint they would recieve optimal gains.

The main thing to be sensitive to with age is that an individual needs to pay extra special attention to injury. So really paying close attention to warming up, and perhaps being cautious with the depth of progression of the stretching program
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