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First of all: Listen! That's the best thing to do. If you are listening to what the girl is saying and not just WAITING FOR YOUR TURN to talk, you will have so much better conversation. So many guys miss this. This also comes in handy when you try to strike up a conversation. Be discerning; look at what she is wearing or what she is doing. If she is looking at movie or something that you like, ask her what she thinks of it, and say why you like it.

I dunno, just pay attention; this will give you ideas for conversation points.

Second, Make her want you. If you go up to girl and make yourself available, you aren't desirable any more because she has already gotten you. But talk to her, listen, be funny, and then let it be. Don't ask her out, just say bye. She'll go home, remember what a great guy you were and then SHE will start to wonder if you like her.

Oh, and look her in the eyes, girls know when you are looking somewhere else!
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