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Default Re: Pre Workout Carbohydrate Consumption

There has been a lot of new coaches / trainers recommending high glycemic foods pre work in order to promote an anabolic state. What research have you guys come accross on this topic and what is your opinion on it?

In my opinion I have always beleived in low GI foods pre workout in order to maximize insulin sensitivity post workout as well as ensuring that we don't go into a hypoglycemic state pre workout (insulin will push glucose into the cell causing blood glucose to be lower).

[/ QUOTE ]

According to recent studies it would be misleading to claim high GI foods promote an anabolic state; rather a diet high in carbs promotes an anticatabolic state.

"Regulation of muscle bulk protein also appears to be attuned not to a direct effect of protein but to a secondary effect of the stimulation of insulin by components of a meal, including glucose and amino acids. The nature of the involvement of insulin, classically thought of as the most important anabolic hormone, is bizarre because it appears that in adult humans insulin does not do what it does in the growing animals traditionally used for metabolic research, such as rats, mice and even pigs. In people, it appears that it is possible to stimulate muscle protein synthesis by supplying exogenous amino acids alone while maintaining (using the insulin clamp techniques) basal blood insulin concentration at the overnight fasted level."

"In conclusion, using AA-tRNA as the precursor pool, it is demonstrated that, in healthy humans in the postabsorptive state, insulin does not stimulate muscle protein synthesis and confirmed that insulin achieves muscle protein anabolism by inhibition of muscle protein breakdown."

"Increases of MPS due to EAAs are associated with elevation of signaling activity in the mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR)/p70 ribosomal subunit S6 kinase eukaryotic initiation factor 4 binding protein 1 pathway, without requiring rises of plasma insulin availability above 10 ľU/mL. However, at insulin of <5 ľU/mL, AAs appear to stimulate MPS without increasing mTOR signaling. Further increasing availability of insulin to postprandial values increases signaling activity, but has no further effect on MPS."
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