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Default Re: Pre Workout Carbohydrate Consumption

I must say, your humbleness is truely admirable [img]/forum/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]. I´m going to take a more thorough look at the study you refer to, and other studies relevant to this question as well. Speaking of which, are you familiar with studies in this matter that investigate fuel utilization on heavy load resistance training (in my opinion at leat 75% of 1 RM and up)? The article quoted above refers to several other studies that have investigated fuel utilization during lighter resistance traing (from what I read between 10-70% of 1RM). Although I must say some of the results presented above seem, at first glance, a bit surprising to me, especially the one by Robergs et al. It pretty much contradicts theory, doesn´t it. I need to check it out further though.
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