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Studies have shown that even the most high intensity short duration exercise sessions (i.e. Wingate, which is only 30 seconds) greatly depletes intramuscular glycogen stores.

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Thanks for the reply, but I still have to say I do not totally agree. The main reason for this might be differences in defining high intensity work. I agree that wingate cycling (30 sec) uses glycogen for fuel, especially during the last 20 seconds of cycling, although Id say this would be generalizing anaerobic work. Speaking of the wingate test, its a good example where the switch from anaerobic alactatic to anaerobic lactatic processes can be observed. While output during the first 10 seconds might be around 1000 watts, during the remaining 20 seconds when muscles gradually start using more glycogen, output falls to about half (in my case around 600 W towards the end of the session). At this time blood lactate levels peak (in my case 19 mMol/l)

I suppose it all comes down to how you conduct or define strength trainig. To me 30 seconds of wingate cycling is not comparable to strength training at all, not the way I conduct strength training any way. During my strength training resistance is too high and rest between sets too long for lactate to even reach threshold levels. Intensity is never below 80% of 1RM and once the accumulation of phosphat ions inhibits my ability to make another lift, I rest.

I understand that, when implementing techniques such as drop sets or prolonged exercise, muscles become more dependent on glycolysis for ATP synthesis, because the ability to maintain high intensity drastically drops, probably due to the accumulation of phosphate ions which interfere in the binding of calcium to troponin, thereby inhibiting the cross bridge cycle.

Personally I never train like this because Ive found it not to be ideal for muscle hypertrophy. The heavier I go, the more I grow. The role for carbohydrates post exercise is a different issue. I would in this case be an advocate for it, since it positively affects insulin secretion.
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