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Default Re: Pre Workout Carbohydrate Consumption

I am not a big advocate of it for weight lifters. It won’t have a huge impact on performance, because the majority of your fuel during exercise is coming from glycogen stores, not peripheral glucose. Since our workouts are so short, as long as we properly replenish our glycogen stores with our diet that should not be an issue.

It would make sense that it would increase anabolism: it should spare lean mass and increase protein synthesis, especially stacked with essential aminos pre-workout. But from a body composition point of view, it is clearly not conducive for fat metabolism.

I think it may be advantageous for someone like Vlad who cant seem to put on fat. [img]/forum/images/graemlins/laugh.gif[/img] But if you are concerned with fat gain, I would be cautious with this method.

Concerning hypoglycemia, if someone did this method, then I would advise sipping half of it before your workout, and the rest during your workout to avoid this issue.
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