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Default Re: A Change of Pace

Yeah it does give you the feeling that you just want to go back in and lift heavy again and again.

I suggest deads, they're great for thickness, one week back session do rows, next back session deads, therefore you're never doing the same movement every back workout, this will quickly come to a stall in progression. I'm not saying "shock your muscles" or "switch things up" i just mean that you will progress a lot quicker with 1 movement therefore having to change things quicker, not really a good thing in my point of view.

Same goes with back width, pull downs one time, next time pull ups. Etc.

Have you got a hack squat in your gym, have you tried that, does that irritate your knees. To me hack is the second mass building ex in my book.

Looks liek you're smashing things up every workout, keep it up.
Stick to the basics.
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