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Interesting lifting. Sounds like you got it down all well and good.

I personally only do free weights. But as I get up to a more advanced program I'll have to rely on machines, smiths, HS, Nautilus all the machines which can help me. Especially since I'm a single trainer and I will move up to the more advanced program and start using rest pause sets, so smiths is a life saver on the benches and delt presses.

How are you finding the shorter workouts? Not many deadlift sessions? Or squat sessions.

[/ QUOTE ]

I love the shorter workouts, it has given me a new hunger for the gym. I'm going to start doing deadlifts soon; I've had some abdominal strains and I'm just waiting for them to recover before I start doing the deads again. As for squatting, I have a tendon that pops over my knee during the eccentric part of squats, so I've had to give them up for awhile. I hate it [img]/forum/images/graemlins/crazy.gif[/img]. I'm going to get active release done soon, so hopefully that will cure me of my problem. I miss doing the core exercises, and I'm going to incorporate some cleans into my program as well.
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