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Default Re: Can We Gain Muscle on a Caloric Deficit?

I think there are more factors involved than what have been listed on this topic. When I first came to ABC, I did pretty well gaining muscle on a cutting diet. 1) I was very determined to have the best of both worlds, but also 2) I think there was a lot of muscle memory involved. I had not worked out with weights in quite a while, muscles were very undeveloped. Not sure, but when the muscles atrophy, do the fibers shrink or evaporate?

I believe that for circumstances such as these that I experienced, it is very possible to gain muscle on a cut, possibly even for someone who has no muscle memory to call upon, since the fibers that they do have are still undeveloped. However, I really believe that there reaches a point where your body will plateau much sooner than if you were on a bulking diet and you would be forced to up your cals to keep up the progress, or simply your progress will be very slow. For someone who has already been bulking and cutting in the traditional manner, any LBM gains attempted on a cutting diet would be very minimal. While the Law of Caloric Surplus/Deficit may not be completely etched in stone, I believe the basic concepts stand true, as evidenced by any hardcore bodybuilder vs. fitness expert.
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