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Default Re: The return of Superbilt

2/18/07 De bench (week 3 of phase 1)
de bench-62% 210 8x3
seated db milt-80x10,9, 85x8
flat db press (palms in)-90x8, 95x8,7
elbows out ext-55x12, 12, 60x11
standing cable row-200x12, 215x12, 230x11
delt complex- front db raises-40x10
side laterals-40x12
rear lying-20x12
cable curls-95x12, 11, 10
cuban rotation-7.5x15, 15

10mins treadmill walking

isometric pu hold + clapping- 10seconds then 4 pu (2sets)

*pretty good today. nice progress so far every workout i have gotten stronger. 3 more workouts this week and next week will be a deload my style.
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