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Default Re: The return of Superbilt

2/12/07 De bench
1 Isometric pushup plus clap pushup-10sec hold +4 (2sets)
2 De bench (fat bar)- 60% 205 8x3
3 seated db milt press-75x10, 80x10,9
4 lat db press (palms in)- 90x8,8,7
5a standing cable row- 170x12, 200x12, 215x11
5b elbows out ext-50x12, 55x12,12
6a delt complex- front raises-35x12
side laterals-40x10
lying rear-20x12
6b cable curls-80x12, 90x10, 10
7 shoulder horn-5x15,15

*did all this in about 35mins today. very little rest back and tris were no rest as were delts and bis.
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