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Default Re: No pain, but tendon \"pops\" back and forth under elbow.

I have had something similar to this going on in my back recently. Everybody keeps telling me that if it doesn't hurt, then it's no big deal, but I know that it never did it before this much. I recently went back on this treatment for an injury in the same area and the popping noise seems to be subsiding as well.

It could be that you have calcium deposits or "adhesions" formed between the tendon and the fascia, and then whenever you do movements, it "catches" on the calcium deposits or adhesions and makes popping noises. Another term for it is myofascitis. I'm not sure exactly what causes it, but chiropractors use a special massage technique called myofascial treatment to clean out the adhesions and make everything run smoother. Just a possibility you might want to look into.

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Have you tried going to the chiropractor for a myofascial treatment? I've never heard of that but it sounds interesting, my left elbow always pops and it sort of feels like something gets caught.
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