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Default Re: A Change of Pace

1-16-07 Chest and back
Dumbell flys ss Incline barbell press
25x12 ss 135x5

Straight-arm pulldowns ss close grip pulldowns
120x14 ss 150x8


First workout went really well, I love the fact that you only have one set so you can get super psyched up for it. I tend to look ahead to the end of workouts and get overwhelmed by the amount of sets I had left. Not anymore! I'm sill learning a lot about HIT, and it will take me some time to get used to the 4 second concentric and eccentric cadence. Also, I'm having to experiment with the weights to find out the correct amounts for each exercise. I went a little too light today, but I should be able to pinpoint the correct weights within the next couple workouts. I went fairly light since I took a week off to enjoy the last days of break plus read all of Mike's book. I'm just following Mentzers beginner workout right now, and then I plan to implement my own strategy later on. I'm really excited about HIT, feel free to comment or critique anything!
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