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Default A Change of Pace

So I had always believed more was better in the bodybuilding world. More sets, more muscle, ya know, the popular belief of many weight lifters. I'm constantly reading the posts on this website and I had read a little about High Intensity Training. I noticed that several members on this site advocated for it. I read a little more, and then talked to DirtBagDan about it, and he was very helpful. He advised me to buy Mike Mentzers book on HIT, which I did, and I just finished it. The methods of HIT caught my attention, and Mentzers opinions are very intriguing. I've decided to try HIT for awhile since I'm very busy with school and work and I just don't have to time to train 5 days a week. The principles of HIT seem very intelligent to me, and I'm certain that if I follow the correct program then I should see great results.
So here goes my first stint with HIT training. Any comments or suggestions are welcome,and I would love input from those who have experimented with HIT.
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