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Default Re: No pain, but tendon \"pops\" back and forth under elbow.

i started ignoring it like my specialists told me.. they were right! Ive been doing this for about 2-3 months now. I just ignore the clicks and alter my grip in a way that produces the least amount of clicking. I can now do 50 pushups and bench the weight I used to warm up with (135) with NO clicks although they used to cause them bad. haha the low weight is because im still recovering from the surgeries... but i wish i didnt get the elbow surgery... Bottom line if it doesnt hurt and nothing comes up on the mri and theres no significant pain...

i suggest to ignore it. But definitly see a specialist anyway because your situations could be different. I was stubborn because since the surgeries fixed my torn labrum in my left shoulder i insisted on getting my elbow scoped. so if your doc tells you theres a 50/50 chance that he finds NOTHING to fix.... dont do it unless you know something is very wrong. I plan on going through the NJSP academy soon so I wanted the best recovery chance possible. any questions feel free to ask me. i know a lot on this subject now haha.
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