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Hmmm... I did a few searches that said that chewing sugarless gum at 100 chews per minute raised test subjects' basal metabolic rates by about 20%, but that this extrapolated into a potential weight loss of 11 pounds per year if one chewed literally all day every day 365 days per year. I wonder what the actual calories in: calories out ratio is for an average stick of gum. Most sugarfree gums I chew have like 5 calories, and it's kinda tough to chew the same one all day, so I probably would average 3-5 sticks per day if I were to consciously try to chew one all day long. So that's around 20 calories in...

Here's something

Sugar-free gum helps to raise metabolism and the number of calories burned, according to researchers from the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minn. They found that, on average, participants in a study burned 11 more calories per hour when chewing gum than when they are not. Sticking to sugar-free brands prevented those calories being reabsorbed from the gum.

[/ QUOTE ]

So if it lists 5 calories, one might assume that those 5 are reabsorbed due to the partial metabolism of sugar alcohols (depending on which ones), so that's a net change of 6 calories per hour...
For one pound of fat 3500/6=583 hours, = about 7 weeks of chewing gum at 12 hours per day. At 5 sticks per day (1 pack) and purchasing in bulk (1.45 for 10 packs at the local army post) that's 7 dollars and 7 weeks and a whole lot of chewing.

On the oher hand, there's at least one website I ran across that discourages gum chewing because they claim that chewing stimulates the pancreas to begin enzyme secretion in anticipation of food. And for some reason that escaped me, that seemed really bad. A quick (preliminary) google search didn't find anything to substantiate that.
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