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Default Re: Can We Gain Muscle on a Caloric Deficit?

Okay, "Bod Pod" results this time around say that (over my 8 week experiment on the AD) I have lost 4 lbs of fat and gained 1 lb of muscle. Mid-November to mid-December in particular, I gained 2 lbs muscle and lost 0.3 lbs fat (if that is all within the accuracy of this machine).

Of course, this could also be just the tail-end of my "newbie gains" or due to changes in training, etc. My LBM increase was probably even more than the 1 lb reflected overall because that first month (where I lost 1 lb LBM) also included the changover from a normal carb diet to a carb and glycogen - depleted state, and as I showed about that could possible account for as much as 3 extra pounds LBM or more.

So, theoretically, comparing carbed up to carbed up states, I could have done as well as gained 5 pounds muscle while losing 4 pounds fat. In only 8 weeks time, I would consider that not only substantial, but ground-breaking. Hopefully we'll get updates from others that are cutting on the AD (Venom for sure -- not sure if Calvin is using the AD to bulk or cut) and see if they're able to put on LBM during their cuts as well.
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