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Default Re: Gym Social Norms

Well, working out in a college gym, I've pretty much seen every and all of the things that have been mentioned above. Some personal favorites though, that haven't been mentioned (I think)

The Ogler: This guy will show dedication that few could match in coming to the gym every day. However, once there, he'll proceed to do nothing but stare at the girls trying to work out. He'll pump out a few reps of bicep curls but then do nothing but wander around, trying to get a peek. It's gotten so bad at times that I've been forced to confront him at the behest of some of my girl friends who get so creeped out it begins to affect their workouts.

The Jerk: This can be anyone really, but for me it's a guy I met a month or so ago at a party. Not really a friend of mine, more of an acquaintance. But anyways, I go to the gym the next day and he's there. We exchange greetings but then we go our separate ways(Or so I thought) I'm in the middle of a dumbbell set when this kid walks up and starts rattling off the funniest anecdotes from last nights festivities. Needless to say, my concentration is ruined. The worst part of it is, even though I haven't seen this guy at parties since then, he still approaches me in the gym and relates HIS experiences from the weekend or whatever. I'm convinced it's karma getting at me for getting drunk...
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