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Default Re: Gym Social Norms

Tea? No, but I see a lot of idiots walking around with smoothies during their workout. It's more like a milkshake (ice cream, milk, etc).

One thing that really gets me is the ignorance of some of the lifters who seem more "senior". The big guys with belts, straps etc. They start talking to me in the middle of a set, where I'm clearly struggling. The one guy asks me about once a week "Dude, do you think I have big arms?" or "Dude, do you think my arms got bigger?" and then one of his buddies says "Of course he's going to say yes. What do you think his answer would be if you said 'Do you get a lot of (!@#$%^&*)?'"

Everything else that you guys talked about gets me too. There's this one old lady that goes in everyday and thinks everyone likes to talk to her, but she's just really annoying. She uses the lightest dumbbells for an hour hogging the same bench. I've noticed a lot of people lolly gagging lately, wasting time, hogging benches, etc.
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