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I was going to make my own post about this but i reckon i'll just stick it in here.
Dont get me wrong or anything, my gym is really good and theres alot of good atheletes in there but all I often see in there is the monsters, who are far bigger than I'll ever be, talking to each other casualy during their sets and during their 10 minute rests between sets! and they all talk over scrawny little me, in my way whilst I'm supersetting heavy flies with press ups.
Theres this kinda pack of about 8 in my gym with all the big guys, who "train" together. Anyway theres the kinda 'silverback' of the group and hes a pretty big guy like 6"5 300lbs, and there always asking for tips on training and who he beat up last night, for looking at his car or somthing. He has alot of these sorta stories.
I dont really care about other people in the gym, if anything these people motivate me. What gets on my nerves is the lack of discipline they have. I personnally do not see lifting and fitness just as somthing to use to intimidate others and look cool, but as a discipline and to test myself, many of these people dont.
Another kinda funny one is the guy that looks like a sorta neolithic John Travolta and walks around drinking tea during his session with a cup and saucer. Anyone else have the 'tea party' guy?

- Matt
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