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Default Re: Gym Social Norms

I had to put my 2 cents in because of something that recently happend at a gym I go to:

I had to go to the gym rather late, round 7ish, and it was packed. The flat bench stations were all taken, so I go up to one kid and ask how many sets he has left. He says 3. I figure, ok, it's gonna be awhile so screw it, i'll do some seated calf raises which was right near the bench. So He does 1 set, then his friend comes over and starts talking to him.

5 minutes later, they are still talking, and he hasn't done another rep. Meanwhile i've done like 8 sets of calfs. I'm PISSED at this point. I can't believe the lack of consideration. I usually keep to myself, but I had to go up to him because I was so ticked. I told him that I wanted to get in there and asked if he would finish anytime that night. He apologized, did one set, then apologized again and left.

Hopefully he learns to never do this again as it's ridiculous and is right up there with replacing your weights. Get me mad just thinking about it...
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