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Default Re: All in a year(or more), Dictations of my massive body (soon to be)

I don't judge anybodies workout routine. I think everybody is different and we all heal differently. For instance I have to do all of this work to get the same gain as somebody who might do less just because our bodies grow different. On the other hand after his workout he might be dead to the world and just want to sleep but i'm freaking about to explode with energy because i just worked out. As long as the DOMS don't sneak up on me i don't even think twice about two a days. Really the second workout is just to make sure i really killed myself on the first one if you know what i mean.
Let me take a look at your workout and after i get done with this insane stuff i'm doing rite know i might want to try it out. I'm just doing this because i haven't decided what i want to do next, and i don't want to do nothing so i figured what the heck i'll see how long i can do this two a day thing. I figure the pros work out twice a day for 3-4 hours at a time why can't i. Ya know what i'm saying.
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