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Default Re: All in a year, Dictations of my massive body (soon to be)

I had some great workouts the last couple of days. As of right now i am working one muscle group twice a day. My whole body feels great. Today i worked chest and i will do the same tonight. As for my diet i am just eating good stuff, you know tuna, greens, eggs, turkey, chicken, and whatever i can come up with to make it interesting. I am taking all my viatamins and drinking my shakes when i am suppose to.

So i killed the chest this morning with some crazy insain stuff that i made up as i whent along, here goes.

Everything is 5 sets of as many as i can do(at least 7 or i drop weight).
(in order)
flat dumble press 75lbs
incline dumble press 70lbs
decline bench 245lbs
in cline bench 205lbs
bent over double cable press 60lbs
flat bench dumble flys 35lbs
machine flys 75lbs
flat bench dumble flys 20lbs
and for my favorite super wide flat bench bar presses no weight just push it up off your chest and hold it, your arms do not even bend when you go down your chest just relaxes.

So that was it for the morning i'll tell you about tonight as soon as i get it done. Later
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