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Default Re: How to Optimize Fat Efficiency in the Diet Part II - Essential Fats

Something that's been rolling around my mind for a little while --

Do we know how to maximize the benefits of the fats that we are currently eating? For example, we know that our dietary fat can suffer any one (or several) of a handful of fates:

1 - If insulin is high at the moment, there is a better chance that the dietary fat will be stored as body fat (can't say that I've seen much evidence of this, but it makes sense and I've read it everywhere).

2 - For those of us on the AD, we're hopefully oxidizing a good percent of the dietary fat we're consuming.

3 - It can be stored, then later oxidized when we get around to burning body fat.

4 - Soluble fiber can absorb dietary fat and pass it through without absorption (not sure how significant this effect is).

*note* I didn't reference any of these because they're not critical to the point I'm getting at, which is...

Where are the benefits of each type of fat expressed? We're looking at
Sat fat - test booster
MUFA - possible test booster/cardio benefits
PUFA (omega 3s specifically) more benefits than I care to list here

Are there ways to ensure that we're getting full benefits from these fats? At what point of digestion/metabolism do they express these traits? What if you had (for example) a quickly-oxidized fuel source like carbs or MCTs with your fish oil, and you ended up storing the Omega 3s as body fat. Would you benefit from the omega threes at the time of ingestion or 6 months down the road when you start cutting and finally oxidize them? See what I'm saying?

Any comments?
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