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Default Nervous system - and its effects on strenght

A display of "strength" (eg lifting a weight) is a result of three factors that overlap;
Physiological strength ->(muscle size, cross sectional area, available crossbridging, responses to training)
<font color="blue"> neurological strength </font>-&gt; (how strong or weak is the signal that tells the muscle to contract),
mechanical strength (muscle's force angle on the lever, moment arm length, joint capabilities).

I have a lot of material to read, about the anatomy and physiology of the neuron and the nervous system. I will provide refferences as we go on in the research.

The main goal is to master the nervous system. You all know that "ordinary" people use about 20% - 30% of their muscle fiber, and elite lifter "only" 50%. So what's the plan, plan is to cross that limit. If its possible we will find a way. In this research "team" there is only me for now, but if someone wants to join be sure to send me a e-mail. Thanks for yor time folks, take care.
Age: 16
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Goals : 85 kg
Strenght: Strong as i look (And I beleave there is no limit to this , isn't science beautifull)
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