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Default Re: Can We Gain Muscle on a Caloric Deficit?

I was just going to post a question about this.
I was concerned that my progress was "too good" and therefore not accurate. For the last few weeks I have been taking the largest of the 3 caliper measurements (and sometimes tacking on a mm to that)

Everywhere i read, it was not possible to lose fat and gain muscle. The idea behind that theory makes sense. One requires a calorie deficit, and one requires a calorie surplus.
However sometimes practical applications of theories provide unexpected results.

I realize I have made some drastic lifestyle changes, but i still didn't believe it possible.

I realize now if I continue my post will get long and uninteresting.

I have been using the Cutting Challenge word document, and following the contest rules (except posting my journal).
If you MODS want the data when I am done I can certainly provide it.
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