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thanx for the motivation. a pull-thru is done with a low cable pulley usually a rope attachment. u face away from the pulley with a moderate to wide stance. bend over and grab the rope in between ur legs. then u pull the rope up to ur groin area like a deadlift. then for the negative push ur butt back and bring the weight down. keep ur head up the whole movement. for a better description and picture u can go to and look the exercise index.

10/7/06 Bench day 1

Bench- 135x10, 8, 185x6, 225x3, 250x1
270x3, 275x3, 280x3 (ties pr)
slow neg 10s- 245x2
paused bench (2sec)- 245x2, 2, 250x2, 2
plyo pushup- 3x5
weighted pullups-57.5x6, 60x6, 62.5x5
1 arm db milt-60x10, 65x8,8
hammer curls-60x7,7,8

12mins treadmill

decent. i woulda done singles today but had no spot. i coulda asked someone but didnt want to cuz most ppl suck at it.
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