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*Added one more question, book sparked a good point, What is "failure"?

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Then again theirs also eccentric and static failure too..but I consider employing them as a 'shock' or something to be added in on certain situations..not something to build a routine around.

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We actually run a cool eccentric failure test in our lab. Its called reactive failure. What happens is an individual is placed on a biokinetic machine, their limb is straped in and they exert force against the transducer that is on their limb (its a cuff attachted to their limb, attached to a force transducer), then immediately the machine pulls against the direction you contracted (so if you did a leg extension it trys to pull you into leg flexion). If you are stronger eccentrically you stop the machine from moving you into flexion. But eventually you can no longer produce enough force to resist and the machine lengthens your muscle.
Markers of muscle damage are high after that!
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