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so how do you train, book? 4-6 rep range, basically max-ot style

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In short I do one heavy workout and 1 light workout, though some times I cycle exercises too. For my upcomming split which is...


I'm going to cylce heavy deadlifts and heavy squats with a quad emphasis in the deadlift session and a hamstring emphasis in the squat session. But for my upperbody days I'll just do 1 session heavy and 1 session light. For me, so far, this type of training has realised me the best gains - especially in trouble spots like my chest/shoulders used to be

I'm still looking for something for calves though - while my calves have improved a lot over the last year I, imo, don't think DUP is very effective for them. So i'll try other stuff [img]/forum/images/graemlins/wink.gif[/img]

I've actually done Max-OT before and believe what it teaches is great, but how it applies it is not so good.
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