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Default Re: Optimum Training Time

most of the stuff i've read (books, encyclopedias and articles i find here and there either magazines and on the web) pretty much recomend between 45 - 60 mins .. now i dont know if they've concluded studies or what but ever since i've dropped my time at the gym to 45 mins i've experienced gains more so then when i was doing 5 ex on chest + 2-3 for tri's staying at the gym 90 mins or around that time i saw very little gains.

BUT saying that i do agree with book when he states that it all depends on the training routine etc. I am trying to reduce my time at the gym so every workout is 45 mins long and slowly reduce my exercise amount (sets/reps aka volume) so i have more recover time out of gym.

My personal thoughts on the following:


nutrition - if i eat complex foods pre workout (i usually do) i dont go to the gym for 60-90 mins, so i let the food gradually work in my system, there is no point going to the gym 30 mins after complex foods when its long lasting energy

intensity level - less intensity = more volume = longer at gym, more intensity = low volume = less time.. i've read a few articles on low volume training and it all makes sense to me that the more workout/rest/grow phases you have, you have better change of getting bigger... so does that mean less time at gym (45 mins) of hardcore workout = more time to rest after the workout = more gains??? hmm trial and error i say

time (of course) obviously rest times, training times etc. less rest (between sets) = more gains [img]/forum/images/graemlins/laugh.gif[/img]
level of health (colds, alergies, etc) i know this keeps me back longer at the gym... if i find that bothering me i dont go to gym, it seems to me a waste of my time + a waste of a good week off where i can recover from everyhting and hit the gym harder then before
experience (are you a newbie?) mistake like "more must mean better" these type of actions could sacrafise growth because of too much time at gym, not enough rest and just overtraining

[/ QUOTE ]

im just giving my point of view here not really an experiment but more of what i've experienced through the course of training and gaining knowledge about certain things about the body/training/recovery/optimum results etc.

i like this thread, interesting...
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