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Default Re: Exercise Decreases Depression --> Why?

what about depression that doesn't come from things such as self esteem and things that you personally cannot control (things like living through 4 years of war)... i think depression is the cause of other diseases, my mom has to take anti-depresents due to the stuff we went through the war, i was 8 years old and seen people killed infront of me, 2-3 ft infront of me, i been put the gun to my head so many times at age 8, but strangly i've managed to put that behind me, where my mom cannot put that behind her and she is so ill, and as soon as she gets a cold, she attracts other problems such as sinus problems, chest problems and even physical problems such as back pains and muscle pains... she has taken up walking 30 mins a day (3-4 times a week) and she said her self that it has helped her a lot, but then things happen (family issues) and she stopped and caused the levels of problems to rise even more due to the constant stress, worrying and always not being healthy!

i personally need to find some serious papers about this because if i dont prove to her she needs to relax and reduce the stress (and depression) it can get even worse in the future!
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