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If you guys read our posts and a post I made in the training forum on muscle fibers, you'll see that you don't need failure to recruite a maximum amount of fibers. Provided this only occurs with heavy weights done explosively, it is an important tool to use when you work a muscle 2x a week. Also I use Poliquins definition of failure - "attempting to perform a repetition but not being able to complete it with good form" which is IMO true failure - It's not like my sets are a breeze and if anything heavy 3-5 rep compounds are just as tiring.

Shocks are IMO overrated - those quadroople drop sets may pump you up amazingly well but are causing the weight used on the next few sets to be a lot lighter. If you are able to row 135lbs for 10 reps, do you really think fatiguing yourself to thepoint where your 4th set has you only being able to work with 75lbsx10. Do you guys think consistently using a warm up weight will cause much growth? IMO to a certain point that do - but only a few shocks per workout are needed. Pump and fatiguing a muscle are 1 way to gain muscle, but are not the sole way too.

Look at most powerlifters - you ever see them doing dropsets/supersets? No and they're 99% more muscular then bodybuilders. I bet a lot of people here know guys in there gym who are massive that don't do any shocks and probably don't take a proper post workout shake because working out is about the weight you use, not the pump you get. You will be a lot bigger benching 315, squatting/deadlifting 405+ then just every workout trying to think of some way to "change it up"
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