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Default Re: What is the Role of Genetics and Practice in Superior Performance?


It is my personal belief that when it comes to such thing as body composition, and being athletic one is born into a sort of 'caste'. All of this is from personal experince.

Example One: Myself; Phsyical 'inferior' obesity runs in my family along with a long list of other health related problems. I've overcome this with hard work and dedication; played nearly everysport starting as a child(when i was obese) and have now played varsity wrestling and football therefore being classified as an 'elite' athelete.

Although on the wrestling team at the university I am in the lower 'caste' of being an elite athlete, there are many more physically superior wrestlers than me in regards to strength, speed, and agility. The likes of which I could only dream of aquiring. As such I believe

I would be classified in such a range from Low Athleticism Naturally-Average Athleticism with training and maxing out at the lower echleon of an eliete athlete at maxamium training. (As a side note even as a obese child I was always sound on all techniques for sports, played allstar hockey,baseball)

Example2: Friend; My friend on the other hand is a physical specimen, women have described him as being what they are innatly attracted to, large jaw, broad shoulders etc. Everyday on the way to school he would eat an entire box of dunkaroos. Not just one little thing of them, an entire box for breakfast. Has never weight lifted a day in his life, has horrible diet and an even worse work ethic. Yet his physical superiority has made him stronger than anyone at the highschool level of wrestling along with being in the middle strength level at university.

I would thus classify him of having the natural ability of an elite athlete naturally and could potentially become a world class athlete if he were to work for it.

A more famous example would be that of Michael Jordan. Michael Jordans older brother was a more talented athelete than him but through hard work MJ was able to become one of the most amazing atheletes in the world. Could another person with MJ's drives but far inferior genetics have achieved this same goal? I think not.
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