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Structural change : Increased muscle mass/decreased bodyfat. Increased fitness and general well being

chemical change: well I imagine the increased cortisol and endoprhins from exercise would have a relaxing effect. Also increase in growth hormones and other anabolic hormones may contribute to a sense of well being

Physiological effects: Well I think a lot of times people get depressed because they see their lives stagnating or even heading back wards (monotonous lifestyle, loss of job/family member, injury and exercise gives them an outlet that they can achieve on. When they notice the changes in their body it's like a beacon for them, that there is something they are doing that is improving there life and is exciting.

Well at least those are my thoughts. I remember when I was really injured how depressed I got when I wasn't training and numerous times I've seen board members exclaiming how they hate not being able to train.

[/ QUOTE ]

I would think endorphines are the key. muscle development, overall health, and psychological mood developments can be attributed to reducing depression but endorphines have direct effect. When you workout u are causing your body stress, the brain releases endorphins to allow you to cope with it.

i just went through a relatively intense workout compared wth my previous ones and **** it felt almost as good as when i took a prescribed painkiller after a medical procedure. Something peculiar though was that this euphoric state was achieved/climatic only after my post workout solid meal.
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