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Default Re: Soy protein. Finding the balance between just enough and too much.

Bursting my own bubble, but now I have a few issues with the article.

From the article:

Scoring Protein by BV is the first area where the bodybuilding public is being deceived and manipulated. Elite Fitness has researched this topic rather thoroughly and has talked to experts in the field who work for the actual companies which manufacture and process the raw, bulk products. I have questioned several experts as to the quality of the various proteins and have found a few interesting facts. First and foremost, BV and PER (protein efficiency ratio) are OUTDATED. The newest and most accurate measurement of a protein's quality for a HUMAN is the PDCAAS--Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score. A mouthful I know, and yet it is the industry standard.

[/ QUOTE ]

It says here that Biological Value (BV) and Protein Efficiency Ratio (PER) are outdated methods for measuring protein effectiveness, but it doesn't say why. Just because there is a new test available doesn't mean the old test is necessarily invalid. So I did a little research to see why they may be outdated.

I found legitimate reason to say that PER is outdated because the original scale was based on protein absorption by rats, not by humans. BV on the other hand measures nitrogen uptake versus nitrogen excretion. With this scale, whey has the highest value. Opponents of whey (according to Wikipedia) argue that whey's digestion is so fast that most of it is probably converted in the liver to carbohydrates and is used for energy production not protein synthesis.

My problem with this is that most bodybuilders don't take whey on an empty stomach but as a supplement to their normal meals, thus slowing that absorption. Most of the diets I see posted on the forums show people usually taking whey with oatmeal or natty peanut butter in a shake.

I somewhat feel that this new PDCAAS score was invented with the goal of making Soy more marketable. Soy's BV value is very low. The methodology was accepted by the FDA in the early 90's - right around the time that the Soy craze hit the US. It's almost as if TPTB said "We can't win at this game, so let's change the game." I'm not much of a conspiracy theorist, but ...

To the bodybuilder, positive nitrogen balance is the most important factor. FWIW, I'm sticking with the BV approach.
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