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Streching is not necessarily responsible for hyperplasia, but it can certainly facilitate hypertrophy.
From a physiological standpoint John Parillo believes that the deep fascia is the main concern of the bodybuilder to target, and Millwards research leads him to believe that the endomysium and perimysium are chiefly responsible for the restriction of muscle growth. The great news is that the same techniques for expansion of the fascia, work for the expansion of the endomysium and perimysium.

How To Expand The Fascia for Enhanced Muscular Size and Shape!
At this stage I am going to have to issue one of my essential warnings. If you do not have a high pain threshold I would not suggest reading any further. The methods discussed here are extremely painful, and only an athlete with the mentality of a warrior will have the guts it takes to apply the following principles! However, when the smoke clears, you will have a greater capacity for growth, a fuller muscle, and greater separation between body parts!

Again, our goal, as D J Millward puts it is to create a larger bag. In order to accomplish this feet we will need to stretch the connective tissue beyond its previous limits, cause damage and then allow it to heal in such a way that it grows back larger then it was previously. There are four factors involved in fascia stretching.

1. Heat

If you are intent on truly mimicking muscle memory, you must not only stretch the fascia, but you must do it in an absolutely perfect environment or you will not reap even near optimal results! The first factor mentioned above was heat. You see a cold muscle has a limited range of motion. Our goal is to stretch the fascia past its previous limits and this cannot take place if range of motion is limited. Therefore you must adequately warm up before performing the techniques discussed shortly.

2. An incredible blood pump

Everyone here understands the extreme power of fluid! Whole canyons have been carved from water erosion! The same principle is applicable here. A tremendous back flow of fluid in a muscle group will stretch the connective tissue that restricts muscle growth. In other words the greater the pump, the more direct and effective the stretch in the fascia, epimysium, and perimysium will be!

3. Insanely Extreme Stretching

The third and most painful step in fascia expansion, is to manually stretch it. This entails stretching the target muscle group with insane intensity! By doing this you will force the girdle which inhibits enhanced mass, and enable further growth in the myofibrils( the largest aspect of a muscle fiber ).

4. Recovery!

Unfortunately, like every aspect of bodybuilding, we must have enough will power to allow the area worked to recover. You see, the pump, combined with extreme manual stretching will damage the connective tissue. In order for it to grow back and be remodeled as Millard puts it, into a larger bag, it must have a significant enough time to recover. This is not only a painful process, but like any type of extreme training is also stressful, and needs significant time to recover.

Now that we understand the factors involved in fascia expansion, we must apply them in an organized fashion in order to reap incredible results!

[/ QUOTE ]
~Jacob Wilson, Can You Use The Muscle Memory Phenomenon, Without Ever Having The Muscle?

Stretching deeply for around 30 seconds at a time should help loosen the connective tissue surrounding the muscle and give it more room to grow. This approach is also more practical than stretching for 30 days straight.

Stretching exercises might help induce hyperplasia:
Stretch Overload - Hyperplasia has also been shown to be induced by exercises that enhance the stretch! Examples of these would be preacher curls, weighted sissy squats etc. The key is to employ the one and a half repetition method! If you were to perform a preacher curl, you would perform two reps on the lower half of the exercise. A perfect example of this is shown with Arnold Schwarzenegger's pectorals. He could touch the ground when performing dumbbell flys and I believe he is a clear case of hyperplasia success!

[/ QUOTE ]
~Jacob Wilson, Physiological Aspects of Physique Building Part 1

I think the best methods for stimulating hyperplasia are eccentric movements and blitzing. I'm not convinced that stretching will encourage hyperplasia, but it will help with hypertrophy.
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