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Default Re: The return of Superbilt

8/21/06 ME bench
dec bench-135*10,
320*x, 1 (PR),
330*half rep (i knew i wouldnt have gotten it so i brought it a little more than half way down) (ill get it next week)
paused bench-225*2, 235*2, 245*2, 2, 235*2
bb rows-225*6, 235*6, 245*6, 235*6
seated milt-135*6, 145*6, 155*5
db bench (palms in)-65*10,9, 70*8 (i love this)
alt db curl-35*10, 40*8,8

10mins walking

*good workout 9 out of 10. i am pleased with this. i think if i wasnt tired i could have hit 330 easily cuz 320 was no problem. the first time i brought 320 down way to fast and a little uneven so i didnt count it cuz i knew it wasnt competetion worthy. tommorow im gonna max sumos i cant wait.
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