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Default Re: Is Everything Possible In Bodybuildng??

Great question!

I do not believe that your body building goals can be so fragmented, i.e. "I'm going to be bigger than Ronnie".

Achieving your best takes planning, patience, and experience. This is true for anything you want to do with excellence.

You have to plan or you will become discouraged. "Failing to plan is planning to fail".

If you truly want to maximize your bodybuilding potential, you must define a mission and vision for your bodybuiding career.

Your vision is the grand purpose for doing what you're doing. Its the point from which everything else should emerge.

Your mission is the path you take to achieve your vision. It is typically defined by a set of goals. I like to think of it as a timeline of events.

For example, my vision might be, "To attain a freaky physique of 200lb @ 8% body fat, drug-free, in three years".

My mission may be "adding eight lean pounds of muscle over the course of one year, while always being able to see my abs".

Next I would set goals and milestones that would define the success of my mission. This portion needs a lot of detail. This would include, bulking and cutting cycles, workout routines, accumulating knowledge, etc. Everything it will take to achieve my mission statement.

Hers is the key, I recommend using the SMART method when setting goals.


The goal must be identified clearly. When will the goal be achieved (a exact date)? How will it be achieved exactly?

This is where a lot of people are fragmented. They set a goal such as "To get cut". This is way too vauge. You need specific shorter term goals that clearly indicate you are fulfilling your mission.


You must be able to measure the success with available data. Setting a goal of "being 200lbs" is not specific enough. That is a good mission, but not measurable enough to be a goal. You would want to lay out how much you will gain over a bulk cycle for example, and how many calories you will consume daily, etc.

The Hyperplasia contestants and regular journalers on ABC are experts at this.


The goal must be challenging, but still achievable. If you set a goal that is unrealistic, or more to the point, that you believe is unachievable, you will fail.

Further, if you are an beginner bodybuilder, its unrealistic to set goals that only an advanced bodybuilder could achieve. If your goals are planned well you should be able to see a succession of smaller goals that will realistically lead to accomplishing your mission.

In most cases you will know if it is realistic or not. Setting ambiguous, unrealistic goals is not going to impress anyone, but only lead to disappointment.


The goals should be relevant to your mission and vision. That's the whole point, to ge to the vision. But occassionally a bodybuilder will get excited about an opportunity that doesn't coorelate to their vision. This will consume resources, time, and energy and detract from the original vision.


A goal is trackable if you can establish milestones to track progress toward the goal. This enables you to monitor progress.
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