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I actually had an old guy one time ask me to race him around the track in my gym! This dude had to be at least 75 and he said he needed someone to push him, haha. The funny thing was I did it, haha.

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LOL that reminds me of when old guys want me to play basketball with them. So what'd you do? Did you take it easy on him, or did you waste him?

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Haha, no, I kept it close to try and push him. It would have been funnier though if I would have just took off and lapped him.

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Well that's good. [img]/forum/images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img] that was nice of you.

Say guys, I have another one for you...

So there's this guy I've seen at the gym everyday, and he has one artifical leg. I've course I've always been curious about how he lost it, but I wouldn't dare ask. Well inbetween one of his sets today, some dude asked him, "How'd you lose it?"

I don't know...I guess it might not have been too bad, but I myself would just never do something like that. I would hate to remind him AGAIN that he lost his leg. I think he's probably tired of hearing about it and just wants to move on. I would only ask him if I knew him and was close to him.
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