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Default Re: Gym Social Norms

This thread is awesome because I know others go through my agony, haha.

I HATE when strangers come up and talk to me. If they just ask a question or something it usually isn't a problem. When they start rambling on and on I usually give them no feedback whatsover. I don't make eyecontact or respond and it takes them forever to get the idea! And I can totally relate when people try to talk to you during a set.

I actually had an old guy one time ask me to race him around the track in my gym! This dude had to be at least 75 and he said he needed someone to push him, haha. The funny thing was I did it, haha.

One other thing I will add that I don't like is when people walk around me too close. You will be doing a set of DB flies and someone walks so close to your bench you have to change your form. Its not that hard to walk around and give people an extra 5 feet to workout.
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