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Default Re: Gym Social Norms

Yeah, that's a great point, Whey. That drives me crazy too. If someone walks off after using equipment that I want to use and I don't catch them before they walk to the other end of the floor, I am left wondering "is he done"?

[/ QUOTE ]

Tell me about it. It's just such an uneasy feeling. Even though I don't work at my gym anymore, I find myself going around picking up after people so no one else gets confused.

I might as well add something else that annoys me too...I just hate it when people stare at me. This has probably been mentioned in this thread already...but man alive. I mean sure, I accidently catch myself glancing at people too once in awhile, but only a quick one if I KNOW they can't or haven't seen me. Anything longer than one second is just bullcrap IMO. I'm tired of being stared at for 7+ seconds. Then I just have to look at them so they'll stop, and they immediately turn the other way like, "Hey, he didn't know I was looking at him." But I did! I DID know you were looking at me! My gosh. And I REALLY think it's funny when they're "pretending" they're not staring.

So in my opinion, quick glances = ok. It's natural. Staring...not good. Not good at all...
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